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Kwikset KW1 Bump Key

Kwikset KW1 Bump Key

This is the 5 pin KW1 Kwikset House Bump Key.

The most popular bump key we carry.  This key fits a number of different locking systems to include: Gatehouse, Defiant, Kwikset, Weiser, Masterlock & more.

This key comes in 2 cuts: 

  1. Wide Kwikset KW1 bump key (KW1-W) is the 'normal' and is generally recommended for OEM pinned locks as OEM pins are typically wide by default. 
  2. Narrow Kwikset  KW1 bump key (KW1-N) is suggested for use in locks that do not have OEM pins.

It's very easy to tell the difference between the two keys: Simply look and see which one has the taller peaks and more the narrow valleys -- that will be your 'Narrow' key.

May be called following names:

66 Axxess     035 HPC     KW  4 Curtis     KW  1 Curtis     KW1 ESP     KW1 Ilco     KW1 Jet     KW1 Cole Nat'l     KW1 Kis     KW1 Alba     KW1+ Jet Ditto     KW1 Silca Pronto     KW1 Hillman     KW1 Kustom     KS1 Silca     KT1 Errebi     KT1 RR     103 Mister Minit     176 Dominion     176 Keil     176 Osco     PT  1 Curtis     PT1 Ilco     4650 Hazelton     H176 Dominion     H176 HD     54KS Taylor     5KW1 Star     C176 Edmonds     L180 Lori     S106 Fuki     KIT2 Lotus     KWI  1 JMA     KKS1 CEA     KT1T Errebi     1063 Kwikset     1176 Ilco     1176 Orion     D176 Osco     TVR1 RR     E109 Alba     S1176 Ilco     KWI  1K JMA     KW1  PC Ilco     KS1FT Silca     KST10 Orion     2667E Graham     5KW1  NP Star     KWI  1KS JMA     KWI  1KE JMA     KW1JET Jet     KW1  IMP Jet     KW1PHC Jet     1063KW Silca Image     1063KW Ilco LA     1063KW Jet Silver     1063KWC Ilco LA     1063KW  NP Jet     1063KW  BR Jet     1063KW  BR Silca Image     1063KW  BR Ilco LA     1063KW  BR Jet Ditto     10119  001 Ilco     4200  00  4020 Lori 

Picking up both keys at time of purchase is recommended as there is a discount when both are purchased at the same time. If you're not sure which one to pick up, your best bet is to select the wide variant.


Our price: $5.50

KW1 - Narrow Pin

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Mar 21, 2014
Just got my keys in and the work perfectly. I will definitely come back here for the full set and hammer. Keep up the good work.

Advantages: A key that works!

Disadvantages: None
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Doug B.
Mar 5, 2014
I manage apartment buildings and would like to have an easy open system for lost keys

Advantages: Simple system

Disadvantages: You have to learn to us them. I have had no success yet.
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Kevin W.
Sep 6, 2013
Just received my KW1 key today (actually 10 minutes ago.) This key is flawless. Can't wait to use it!
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