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Bump Proof Locks

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Bump Proof Locks

DeadBolt Secure (Brass) DeadBolt Secure (Nickel) Super Grip Lock
DeadBolt Secure (Brass)
DeadBolt Secure (Nickel)
Super Grip Lock
Our price: $9.99
Our price: $9.99
Our price: $7.59
Market price: $9.99 save 24%
Bump Proof Locks

Simple. Cost effective. Safe.

These four words describe our solutions that not only prevent lock bumping but also prevent other types of entry like loaned or lost keys, and lock picking.  All of the products found in this category are easy to install and are in use by our family and friends.  We literally stand (and sleep) behind the products we sell.

The price point at which these solutions are offered are very competitive compared to replacing an entire locking system.  For just a few dollars you can have peace of mind at home, or while traveling, that no one will be able to open the lock -  even if they have a key. Please find our bump proof locks and higher-security locks in this section. 

Should you need a demonstration of how this install works please feel free to contact us directly via phone or the Contact Us link at the top of our site.