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Lock Bumping

After many customer requests we've made this special page that will help you, the novice bumper, begin lock bumping in no time. A few highlights while you're watching: Try and watch how little tension is used for bumping (very little on the bump key) and watch the angle at which the key is struck.

Our first bump key video is how to bump a master padlock. This video was filmed way bay in 2006 when we first started selling our popular bump keys.  The key we used for this demonstration is exactly like the keys sold at bumpkey.us. The instructions to bump lock follows:

Lock Bumping Video 1

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With bump key practice it's possible to bump a lock with the first 'whack' of a tool.  And it doesn't just have to be a 'bump key hammer' as was shown in our first video.  Virtually ANY hard object can be used to pop a lock right open.  It's even been discussed on our official bump key forum that bumping with high heel shoes is possible.  The possibilities are endless --  a wooden spoon, a roll of packing tape (this was tested in our shop), a utility knife or anything else that's blunt and has some weight to it.

Making a Bump Key

Take a look at how many of our bump keys are produced. To help you understand this machine: it cuts keys 100% accurate every time.


There you have it.  We hope you've leared what a bump key is and how to use one.  The most important part you should take away from these videos?  Practice. The only way to get better with bumping is to just practice until your fingers are numb. To learn more about and to buy bump keys, visit our official site at www.BumpKey.US.