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Bump Key Hammers

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Bump Key Hammers

Bump Key Hammer Flex Plus Bump Key Hammer Set Bump Key Hammer Standard Flex
Bump Key Hammer Flex Plus
Bump Key Hammer Set
Bump Key Hammer Standard Flex
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Our price: $19.99
Bump Key Hammers

Our hammers make you better better.

It's been our experience that using a bump key hammer gives you better control of the force that's applied to the back of the key while also minimizing the amount of damage your fingers take as a result of miss hits.   Gone also are the days where you repeatedly hit the back of the key with a blunt object, like a screw driver, hoping to get the right 'bump'. Once you master the feeling of the hammer it's like second nature and feels extremely natural.

All of our hammers are made using strong plastics to ensure durability and longevity. We still have hammers from years ago that have stood the test of time through countless demonstrations and trials. The 'old' hammers still feel great and provide just the right amount of bump that's required for the lock to open.

One aspect that is often overlooked is the amount of force required to actually successfully bump a lock. Often those of us in the United States think that "more power" is needed to get the job done --  it's actually just the opposite for lock bumping!  Using too much force is in most cases worse than using too little force.  The reason for this is simple:  if too much force is applied to the key while either striking or turning (tension) the pins either can't move or move at different speeds.  We want neither scenario to take place.

A light amount of striking force and a light amount of tension is all that's required.  A bump key hammer can help to ensure your force is consistent and locks open easier.