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10 Key Padlock Bump Key Set

10 Key Padlock Bump Key Set

This is THE package for bumping padlocks.  Do you want open padlocks?  This is the set for you!

This padlock bump key set covers the following padlocks key ways:

  • American AM3 - 5 Pin
  • American AM7 - 6 Pin
  • Master lock M1 - 4 Pin
  • Master lock M4 - 5 Pin
  • Master lock M5 - 5 Pin
  • Master lock M10 - 5 Pin
  • Master lock M11 - 5 Pin
  • Master lock M13 - 4 Pin
  • Master lock M19 - 6 Pin
  • Master lock M21 - 6 Pin

The two American padlock bump keys cover 5 and 6 pin keys respectfully.  

It doesn't matter where in the United Stated you need this set shipped to, it's going to provide great coverage of padlocks you'll run across in the field.  The great thing about the Masterlock keys is that other manufacturers (like Brinks, for example) key their locks to accept and use the Masterlock key.  What this means is that this set of 10 keys is usually sufficient to meet the demands of very particular users. After practice you'll get the hang of knowing which key goes with which lock saving you a tremendous amount of time trying to pick the lock.

Like all of our other products, all padlock bump keys in this set are cut from solid brass or nickel plated brass.  Both types of keys are the standard that you'd find in a 'normal' key. In addition to using the highest quality blanks available, we also own and operate our computer controlled code cutting machine.  This ensure that our keys are accurate and meet manufactures specifications.

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Christopher V.
Nov 3, 2015
I made adjustments on the key shoulders so I could insert a rubber ring to make bumping work so much better. I wasn't able to bump open a kwickset without making the adjustment.
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Stephen Brock
Jul 14, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great keys

Disadvantages: When you can not open the locks,where to go and learn what are you doing wrong.
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