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Howto Make and Use a Bump Key

Howto Make and Use a Bump Key

Bumps keys are used in a process called lock bumping. You use a specially designed “bump” key that was created for that specific kind of lock. You insert the bump key into the lock and use a bump key hammer to strike the key. The impact of the hit pushes the tumblers inside the lock up and causes the shear line to get level which allows the cylinder to turn and the lock to open. Done correctly, bumping can open a lock extremely quick and with little effort.

Perform the following steps to bump a lock:

  1. Get a blank key made for the lock you want to open
  2. Keep in mind that only the correct blank key can be used
  3. Create or purchase a bump key for the lock you want to open. You can buy a twenty key set of pre-made bump keys that will let you open almost any type of residential lock. The picture below shows a set of five bump keys that BumpKey.US made

    Bump Key Set
  4. Insert the correct bump key into the lock
  5. Next strike the bump key with a tool made of rubber or plastic and then turn the key immediately
  6. By bumping the key each peak on the bump key hits each pin in the lock pushing them upwards. With practice, if the pins bounce so that the shear line is level, then the cylinder should turn and the lock should open easily.

It takes a lot of practice to learn how to do lock bumping correctly, but it is an easy way to get into locked areas when you lose the key or like some storage facility owners use lock bumping to open sheds, usually without damaging the locks.

Until you learn how to do lock bumping correctly you run the risk of permanently damaging the lock so that the correct key will no longer work. While rare, this happens because applying to much force can put a dent in the inner cylinder causing the metal to deform so that the bump key gets stuck in the lock.

While you can usually remove the bump key with a lot of force, the lock will never work properly again.

While you can make your own bump key, I recommend that you buy one that has been professionally made because you will usually get better results and it could be less likely to cause damage to the lock.

For more information about bump keys go to www.bumpkey.us