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Bumping an old, worn out lock? Give the lock a shot of our super-fine lubricating lock bumping graphite. This lubricant is SAFE FOR LOCKS and does NOT damage or "muck" up the internal components. On forums around the web you might hear so called "experts" say to use WD40 on a sticky lock.  While this might temporally make the lock easier to lock it will definitely gum up the internals with debris that sticks to the WD40. For this reason we routienly say DO NOT USE WD40 on working locks!! 

For just a few dollars you can peace of mind and get our have super-fine graphite sent right to your door. As an added bonus, some of our larger bump key sets even include free graphite free of charge.  Be sure to check the product description for further information.


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Lock Bumping Lubricant
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The only lock bumping solution to help the serious bumper 'BUMP'!  Our dry lubricant is recommended by the leading lock manufactures - keeps locks working smooth and efficient.

Our price: $2.99
Market price: $3.59 save 17%
The Comprehensive Guide To Lock Bumping
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The Bump Key book that revolutionized the bump key industry!

Our price: $19.95
Market price: $25.99 save 23%