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Bump Proof Locks

If you found our site by searching for bump keys you know how easy a lock can be bumped. Queue our lock bumping prevention. Our extremely simply, cheap, and effective solution to prevent lock bumping and bump keys is a one of a kind product. Our prevention method installs on the inside of the door deadbolt and ensures that the lock can not be turned from the outside... even with the proper key! Think of our method as a way to totally prevent duplicate keys, lock picking, and bump keys from working on your door. installation is a breeze and can usually be accomplished by ONLY using a a Phillips screwdriver

In the high security locks article we outlined a few of the of the solutions that could be used to deter and prevent lock bumping. Most of these high security locks we discussed cost in excess of $100 dollars PER lock. The best part about our lock is that peace of mind is available for $9.99 and comes in either brass (yellow) or nickel (silver) finishes to ensure they match your deadbolt properly.

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Bump Proof Locks

DeadBolt Secure (Nickel)
(1 reviews)  

This is our cost effective and simple solution to prevent lock bumping. Simply remove the inside backing from

Our price: $9.99
Super Grip Lock
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Prevent unauthorized entry with the Super Grip Lock. This sturdy, easily removable product install in seconds and is guaranteed to prevent unauthorized entry (even if the proper key is used!!). Since it's made of a non-metal materiel it's even possible to travel with this product right through airport security.

Our price: $7.59
Market price: $9.99 save 24%