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Many ask "why would I need a bump key hammer if a screw driver works?" The best answer is that while a screwdriver, or just about any blunt object, can be used to bump a lock we've found that our bump key hammers can help you get that "perfect touch". In the shop it always seems to be much easier to replicate the proper striking force when a bump key hammer is used  instead of just a screw driver. The reason for this? Feeling, weight, and construction.

Our hammers feel great! Often when using a screwdriver to bump a lock, the screwdriver will shift or the user's hand will lose grip which in turn causes hurt fingers. This wastes time and is just flat out frustrating.  Our hammers are engineered for the seasoned bumper and the newbie alike to SAVE YOUR FINGERS. We offer a hammer that has a 'hook like' grip to ensure it STAYS IN YOUR HAND while our other model has been coated in non-slip plastic to ensure a better grip.

Weight is important. Too heavy of a hammer could not only hurt your hands and arms but could also lead to a damaged lock or key.  Our standard and flex plus hammers have just right amount of weight... and if you you find they're too light we do stock adjustable weight bump key hammers for further customization. At the end of the day a hammer that is either too heavy or too light is not efficient for the bumper. 

Solid construction. All bump key hammers stocked are made to last.... You won't find any cheap aluminum hammers here. Our solid plastic hammers do not rust, have any sharp byproducts, or flake. If If you're looking for a solid hammer; you've come to the right place!

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Bump Key Hammers

Bump Key Hammer Weight Kit
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This weight kit is suited only for our adjustable weight hammers. Lead shot with 2 corks and a resealable tube for storage.

Our price: $4.99